“on.” episode one – Andrew Arterbery


The Daily O’Collegian welcomes you to “on.” The music program hopes to feature local Stillwater musicians, other wonderful Oklahoma artists and musicians whom find themselves swimming through the Stillwater. The interview and performances for the first episode are with Andrew Arterbery, an OSU music education student who works full-time in the Edmon Low Library. He has been playing slide guitar for the past four years. He is the frontman for The Arterbery Trio. I suggest you dig his tunes.

  • INTERVIEW with Andrew Arterbery
  • SONG ONE – “Cloud”
  • SONG TWO – “Blind Willy”

4 Responses to ““on.” episode one – Andrew Arterbery”

  1. zachgray Says:

    I don’t know about these videos, but I sure do like that image header!

    Also, I feel like breaking whatever it is you use to make that grainy effect.

  2. Steven W. Hopkins Says:

    I dig this new blog. Hey if anybody out there has any questions or wants to get involved, you can shoot me an email at stevenwhopkins@gmail.com Enjoy the shows. We hope to keep them coming.

  3. Emily Says:

    This is awesome! Great choice for your first feature.

  4. “on.” episode four – The Uglysuit « what's going "on." Says:

    […] Andrew Arterbery, Edmon Low Library security guard and the first guest of “on.”, led the band upstairs to the roof access. […]

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