“on.” episode two – BrotherBear


Welcome to the second episode of The Daily O’Collegian’s “on.”

This episode features BrotherBear, a Mayola side project from Stillwater, who made a trip onto campus to perform two experimental, electronic songs.

Filming BrotherBear was experimental for the “on.” crew too. It was the first time videographer Steven Hopkins and I tried filming electronic instruments and in the evening. We attempted to capture what is known as magic hour. I think we got pretty close to it. If anything, we captured the sound of cicadas and the ringing of the Edmon Low Library bell tower. A nice touch.

Watching BrotherBear sitting on the grass of OSU’s Library Lawn was like sifting through the bits and pieces of a dream after quickly waking up from one. Give them a listen.

Also, come back here or here every Wednesday for a new episode.

  • INTERVIEW with BrotherBear (from left is Eric Kiner, Antonio Laster and Bryan Thompson)
  • SONG ONE – “Wolves”
  • SONG TWO – “Dreamstate”

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