“on.” episode three – Taddy Porter


Something was in the air when Joe Selby and Andy Brewer sat down to represent Stillwater band Taddy Porter for an “on.” interview and performance. Besides the music, the most obvious thing was a mosquito. Guitarist Selby noticed the pest on his arm while playing “Long, Slow Drag.” He continued strumming his guitar while the creature drained his blood. Luckily, listening to Taddy Porter has the opposite effect. The duo slowed down its rowdy, electric tunes for an acoustic set in Stillwater’s Strickland Park on Main Street. Taddy Porter’s set was as engaging as the duo’s hair is long.

  • INTERVIEW with Taddy Porter
  • SONG ONE – “In the Morning”
  • SONG TWO – “Long, Slow Drag”
  1. episode one – Andrew Arterbery
  2. episode two – BrotherBear

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2 Responses to ““on.” episode three – Taddy Porter”

  1. jay spear Says:

    Great site …enjoyed my stay … I’ll spread the word …

  2. LeighAnne Manwarren Says:

    haha. Those glasses, Nathan! 😛

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