“on.” episode four – The Uglysuit


It was a short walk to the Edmon Low Library from Eskimo Joe’s, but the climb to the top of the library was a more strenuous trek. The Uglysuit, an OKC sextet, was in Stillwater on an August evening for a show.

Library employees couldn’t help but stare as The Uglysuit, five members strong at the time, climbed into the east-wing elevator.

The band’s family members and friends crunched inside the elevator too. It was a tight fit, but it was a good day because no one surpassed the 2,000-pound weight limit.

Andrew Arterbery, Edmon Low Library security guard and the first guest of “on.”, led the band upstairs to the roof access.

The room leading to the roof is painted sky blue and is filled with dust, a dated piano organs and a computer half the size of a refrigerator. The computer plays the bells heard on campus. The Uglysuit filled the silence between bells with two new songs.

It might be breaking the rules to make noise in the library, but a little noise never hurt anyone.

  • INTERVIEW with The Uglysuit (from left is Dustin Maynord, Colin Bray, Kyle Mayfield, Jonathan Martin and Israel Hindman)
  • SONG ONE – “Pen and Self”
  • SONG TWO – “1902, Deep Ocean”

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4 Responses to ““on.” episode four – The Uglysuit”

  1. musictastesgood Says:

    Wow, I’m really loving this new Uglysuit stuff!!! Can’t wait to hear more.

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  3. Steven Hopkins Says:

    You can see The Uglysuit in Stillwater this Friday at Eskimo Joes.

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