“on.” episode six – Sherree Chamberlain


She performs for a crowd of hundreds.

It’s mostly ancient bobble heads, knick knacks and Beanie Babies, but Sherree Chamberlain’s audience on the second floor of the Antique Mall on 9th and Main Street is enormous.

Chamberlain, a 2008 OSU graduate, returned to Stillwater to play two new songs and talk about her music.

From singing with her family during power outages to releasing her debut album “A Wasp in the Room,” music has surrounded Chamberlain much like the copious collectables did earlier this month. The singer and songwriter has been writing earthy folk tunes celebrating the power of storytelling and the essence of nature for several years and she’s showing no signs of stopping.

Sherree works on her latest songs in Oklahoma City, but they always sound best in Stillwater.

  • INTERVIEW with Sherree Chamberlain

  • SONG ONE – “Summer Heat” (From left Eric Kiner and Sherree Chamberlain)

  • SONG TWO – “Waiting for Something”


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3 Responses to ““on.” episode six – Sherree Chamberlain”

  1. Ryan S Says:

    Where did you shoot this??? It’s awesome! Great episode!

  2. zachgray Says:

    Thanks, Ryan!

    It was shot in the Antique Mall downtown.

  3. VIDEO UPDATE: Erin Austin (OK Sweetheart) episode 15 Valentine’s Day Special « what's going "on." Says:

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