“on.” episode eight – The Non

  • INTERVIEW with The Non (top row is Tom Bishop and Wil Norton/ bottom row is Zach Zeller and Mack Hawkins)

The Non is on “on.”

Alright, the rhyming is out of the way, so let’s get to the adventure.

The Non, an instrumental Oklahoma City quartet, drove to Stillwater earlier this month but didn’t get much time to stretch.

The Non members hopped into an OSU bus to play some driving music. After playing “Pigeon Force” throughout the backroads of Stillwater, the band was dropped of at Stonewall Tavern. It wasn’t to drink, but to play another song.

  • SONG ONE – “Pigeon Force”

The Stonewall piano was untuned, but the bar crowd didn’t mind.

The Non couldn’t leave after playing “Bhabha.”

An encore was demanded and deserved.

  • SONG TWO – “Bhabha”


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3 Responses to ““on.” episode eight – The Non”

  1. Steven Hopkins Says:

    Wow. The videos look so good. Awesome job fellas.

  2. Jordan Nelson Says:

    I love the videos! They are brilliantly filmed and edited. Plus, I have a new band I like.

  3. Say It Elsewhere « Silence in Architecture Says:

    […] Friend of the blog and excellent photographer, Zach Gray, has a couple cool performance videos of The Non posted over at what’s going “on.” Click here. […]

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