“on.” tour no. one – Owl City “Fireflies”


Earlier this month a video shot from the crowd of a Flaming Lips show inspired me to drive to Norman and shoot the free Owl City show.

I’m not much of a Top 40 hits person, but it was fun shooting from a different perspective.

Also, I somehow managed to get into the show with VIP passes when security was turning people away from the capacity show.

Let me know what you think of this kind of video.


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One Response to ““on.” tour no. one – Owl City “Fireflies””

  1. Kanye West Says:

    Ima let you finish, but…

    Great film quality and editing as usual, but I was wondering why I was watching Owl City fans and the sound guy so much. Those are clearly great shots for filler, but the band seemed to be the filler. I don’t care about Owl City fans/tools…

    I thought maybe you didn’t have access to get enough shots of the band, but if you can’t get enough access at OSU then it might be hard to pull off this kind of video. If you can get better shots then keep doing it! I’m sure the youtube hits will keep coming and hopefully get people interested in on/osu.

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