2010 predictions and anticipations in the music world


I wrote this little story for the Daily O’Collegian.

Although I just regained the ability to construct full sentences after the Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs exploded my mind at their third annual New Year’s Eve Freakout in Oklahoma City, I’m still going to pull myself together to make music predictions for 2010.

On the grand scale, I’d like to see Kanye West make an album that’s fun to hear. If I have to listen to one more depressing roboballad, then I’ll drown my laptop in the bathtub with little remorse. Speaking of West, 2010 will be the end of the auto tune.

It will occur when Owl City of “Fireflies” fame will auto tune an already auto tuned song. The results will be fatal and fiery, but will sound only OK.

On a more local level, I hope every artist I mention will be household names by the end of the semester.

The Non, an instrumental quartet from Oklahoma City, will release one of the smartest and most interesting albums of the year. “Tadaima” comes out next week, so luckily the world doesn’t have to wait long.

The new songs are so technical they could puzzle a dozen engineers, but they’re also as accessible as bad food from Taco Mayo. Make sure to give The Non a listen.

Stillwater acts Colourmusic and Other Lives have new albums in the works.

Colourmusic’s upcoming “Pink” album is going to freak people out in the best way possible. The upbeat, sing-a-long style of the old Colourmusic is swallowed in a single gulp by a loud, bold rock style.

Simply put, Colourmusic now sounds mean and that’s good.

After our ears recover from Colourmusic, they can find comfort in Other Lives. The Stillwater natives traveled throughout the U.S. last year and even played Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Expect more soulful, melodic tunes from Other Lives this year.

As far as live shows, make sure to check out Taddy Porter, The Boom Bang and The Pretty Black Chains if you want your socks rocked off.

To relax, check out Sherree Chamberlain, The Uglysuit and Ali Harter, who’s playing in Stillwater at the end of this month.

It’s freezing now, but all this music should keep you warm.


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