SHOW PREVIEW and VIDEO UPDATE: “on.” episode 16 (part 2) – Josh Jones of Evangelicals singing “Stoned Again”



(from left Brother Gruesome Todd Jackson and Levi Watson)


Here’s a chance to get to know Brother Gruesome before its show in Stillwater on Saturday.

Calling Todd Jackson while he’s celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a mistake.

Lots of yelling is involved.

Celebrating Jackson’s music is a much better idea and that’ll be possible Saturday at 10 p.m. when his band Brother Gruesome joins Stillwater’s DEERPEOPLE and Oklahoma City’s The Boom Bang at Vault, 716 S. Main St.

Jackson and Levi Watson comprise Brother Gruesome, an Oklahoma City duo who’s crafting seductively simple rock tracks catchy enough to make you strap on dancing shoes and dreamy enough to make you forgot only two people are playing.

Brother Gruesome isn’t your father’s rock band, but the duo records for your creepy uncle’s tape deck. Brother Gruesome chose to contain its first music effort via cassette tape.

Jackson said he has a connection to the classic plastic device.

“I started recording on cassettes when I first started writing, and it felt like the right thing to do at the time,” Jackson said. “CD’s as a medium is on their way out. Listen to tracks on ITunes then you’ll listen to them cassette player, it’s just a lot different sound.”

The five tracks from the self-titled EP took about 10 months to record for a good reason.

Hit rewind a few times on a dusty Sony Walkman, and you’d find Jackson and Watson playing in a psychedelic six-piece named The Hex. This is where he caught the attention of the Evangelicals in the early 2000s.

Since then, Jackson has spent his time playing with Brother Gruesome and the Evangelicals, a band who has opened for acts the Flaming Lips and Conor Oberst.

Evangelicals frontman Josh Jones said Jackson takes an active role in Evangelicals with the direction that band has taken. Evangelicals bassist Kyle Davis said there’s more to Jackson than his musical prowess.

“For shows he does guitar, plays keyboard, does backing vocals and he’s even handy with a wrench,” Davis said.

A majority of these talents will be on display tomorrow. Leave your wrenches at home.




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