VIDEO UPDATE: Fatty Lumpkin feature and The Flatland Travelers playing “So Long” in the snow


I recently chatted with the members of Fatty Lumpkin this week to discuss its show tonight and where in the world the name Fatty Lumpkin came from.

Here’s the story.

Urban Dictionary’s Web site offers some dastardly and entertaining definitions of Fatty Lumpkin, but the music this Texas trio is making should be more than enough to pique your interests.

The jam band Fatty Lumpkin will join Stillwater’s The Flatland Travelers for a show on Friday at 10 p.m. at Vault, 716 S. Main. St.

Besides playing the same bill this evening, the bands share a drive to conquer stages bigger than those in Stillwater. Both bands competed in a contest earlier this month and won a chance to play the Wakarusa Music Festival in Arkansas this summer.

Fatty Lumpkin has played Wakarusa once already. The trio was the first to play the 2008 festival which ended with a performance from the Flaming Lips.

Before any of this happened, Fatty Lumpkin was a band name stuck inside the head of lead singer Kelyn Crapp. The band started as a five piece in high school but slimmed to a trio eight months ago. Now Crapp, Seth Myers and Matt Dixon live together to focus on music.

“Music is something that can’t be conquered,” Myers said. “We try to write our music that way to include improvisational parts so we don’t play the song the same way.”

Drummer Dixon said using an open-ended style allows the band a lot of freedom to explore sounds. The band has been working to capture these sounds on an album in what Dixon called “a long process.”

It has been a year since Lumpkin started working on its album, but in a week it will be released. Myers said he worked closely with the self-titled album and has spent the past few years working to become a sound engineer. He has helped record with artists like Don Henley and Chuck Rainey.

With an experimental sound and Wakarusa lined up, Fatty Lumpkin might become part of your vocabulary.


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