VIDEO UPDATE: “on.” episode 18 – Michael Huff


Michael Huff doesn’t spend too much time in his native state of Oklahoma anymore, but his songs have a good chance of spending time inside your head.

The folk singer is a senior at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., but Huff visited Stillwater earlier this semester to play a couple of acoustic songs.

And Huff clashed with Stillwater in the best way possible.

While playing the song “Little Birdie” off of his debut album, he walked past a store named Rhinestone Cowgirl, a building painted with colors louder than an Aerosmith concert inside of a Chuck E. Cheese.

And at that moment, Huff’s clever tune and dylanesque performance directly channeled a time where sitting on a porch and relaxing was a national pastime.

And the porch is where a lot of his music comes from.

“(My band) would all be hanging out, and we’d start passing around a guitar,” Huff said. “It’s exciting to (play) together. We’re family up there (in Nashville).”

His song “Little Birdie” felt like something you want to pass on to your children, even though Huff’s album cover would fit in with your parents’ vinyl collection.

Huff said his songwriting process comes natural.

“I’m trying to learn what the hell (I’m) doing writing songs and why songs written 100 years ago are still being sung,” Huff said.

Take a second to appreciate Huff’s old sound that hopefully won’t die young.

“I’m going to give (music) my best shot,” Huff said. “I’ll write songs all my life whether or not I can make a penny off of them.”


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  1. Erich K Says:

    The top video reminded me of la blogotheque. Great work!

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