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VIDEO UPDATE: Sherree Chamberlain Band in the studio

March 25, 2010

  • And don’t forget you can see Sherree Chamberlain Band, Jacob Abello and Gentle Ghost for free FRIDAY, MARCH 26.


VIDEO UPDATE: “on.” episode 16 – Josh Jones of Evangelicals Interview

March 11, 2010

Don’t forget to check out the two acoustic performances of “Stoned Again” and “How Do You Sleep?” Jones sang for “on.”

VIDEO UPDATE: “on.” episode 14 featuring DEERPEOPLE INTERVIEW (pt. 3)

February 4, 2010

After DEERPEOPLE set its instruments down, the band joined “on.” in the living room for an interview.

The format of the interview is a little different from what “on.” usually does.

The good people at Everynone were the influence. Let us know what you think.


You can see DEERPEOPLE play for free this weekend. Here are the details.

“on.” episode 11 – Colourmusic

November 4, 2009
  • INTERVIEW with Colourmusic (From left is Colin Fleishacker, Ryan Hendrix and Nic Ley in the band’s downtown Stillwater studio)

David Bowie would be so proud of Stillwater’s Colourmusic.

After playing an altered version of  its “Winter Song” and covering The Beatles’  “Long, Long, Long” with fellow Stillwater-native band Other Lives, the men of Colourmusic sat down for an “on.” interview.

The band discussed how it’s changing almost everything about its sound.

Playing live has morphed the folk-rock sound from its debut “Orange” album into a sound that’s as experimental as a dozen episodes of “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

The band’s pink album is being wrapped up and the new songs are a scuzzy, fuzzy blessing.

Here’s a reminder of the band’s softer sound before it’s gone.

  • SONG ONE and TWO – “Wedding Song” and “Long, Long, Long” featuring Colourmusic and Other Lives

“on.” episode 10 – The Pretty Black Chains

October 28, 2009
  • INTERVIEW with The Pretty Black Chains (from left Kellen McGugan and Derek Knowlton)

They can be seen from blocks away.

The pomped monstrosities at OSU’s Homecoming are huge, but house decorations don’t have the same spirit as The Pretty Black Chains.

The Oklahoma City quartet played in front of the Beta house during Homecoming weekend before playing an acoustic song and giving “on.” an interview.

The show was a celebration of what makes rock fun — catchy guitar riffs, booming drums and lively stage antics — but OSU graduate and Chains frontman Kellen McGugan also got to celebrate a personal homecoming.

He arrived at OSU, played in front of his former fraternity house and returned to an influential town. McGugan said going to school around members of Other Lives, Mayola and Colourmusic made an impact on him.

“They helped shape my taste in music and help me start a band of my own,” McGugan said. “Once that came around, we opened for them.”

McGugan said he can still count on Stillwater bands for help. Luckily, the rest of Stillwater can count on the Chains for a good show.

  • SONG ONE – “Ambulance”
  • SONG TWO – “‘Punch Out’ Running Theme”

“on.” episode six – Sherree Chamberlain

September 22, 2009

She performs for a crowd of hundreds.

It’s mostly ancient bobble heads, knick knacks and Beanie Babies, but Sherree Chamberlain’s audience on the second floor of the Antique Mall on 9th and Main Street is enormous.

Chamberlain, a 2008 OSU graduate, returned to Stillwater to play two new songs and talk about her music.

From singing with her family during power outages to releasing her debut album “A Wasp in the Room,” music has surrounded Chamberlain much like the copious collectables did earlier this month. The singer and songwriter has been writing earthy folk tunes celebrating the power of storytelling and the essence of nature for several years and she’s showing no signs of stopping.

Sherree works on her latest songs in Oklahoma City, but they always sound best in Stillwater.

  • INTERVIEW with Sherree Chamberlain

  • SONG ONE – “Summer Heat” (From left Eric Kiner and Sherree Chamberlain)

  • SONG TWO – “Waiting for Something”

“on.” episode four – The Uglysuit

September 8, 2009

It was a short walk to the Edmon Low Library from Eskimo Joe’s, but the climb to the top of the library was a more strenuous trek. The Uglysuit, an OKC sextet, was in Stillwater on an August evening for a show.

Library employees couldn’t help but stare as The Uglysuit, five members strong at the time, climbed into the east-wing elevator.

The band’s family members and friends crunched inside the elevator too. It was a tight fit, but it was a good day because no one surpassed the 2,000-pound weight limit.

Andrew Arterbery, Edmon Low Library security guard and the first guest of “on.”, led the band upstairs to the roof access.

The room leading to the roof is painted sky blue and is filled with dust, a dated piano organs and a computer half the size of a refrigerator. The computer plays the bells heard on campus. The Uglysuit filled the silence between bells with two new songs.

It might be breaking the rules to make noise in the library, but a little noise never hurt anyone.

  • INTERVIEW with The Uglysuit (from left is Dustin Maynord, Colin Bray, Kyle Mayfield, Jonathan Martin and Israel Hindman)
  • SONG ONE – “Pen and Self”
  • SONG TWO – “1902, Deep Ocean”