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Fiawna Forté performing “Boat Song” at Eskimo Joe’s

September 19, 2010

“on.” episode five – Nelo

September 16, 2009

Nelo has a talent for multitasking.

Reid Umstattd, lead singer of the Austin sextet, belted acoustic ballads “Ordinary Scene” and “Two Years Ago” with guitarist Matt Ragland in the Student Union Ballroom while rolling a chunk of bubblegum around in his mouth.

It was an impressive feat. It’s surprising the duo had enough energy to chew gum and perform after an afternoon road trip from Austin to Stillwater on Sept. 3. The duo said they have grown used to sitting and being on the road. They have been touring frequently the past couple years, and it is paying off. Nelo will perform the first time slot at the Austin City Limits Music Festival next month.

Shortly after their “on.” performance, Ragland and Umstattd went outside to make an impression on students waiting for a performance on Library Lawn. The duo didn’t receive much applause after they performed for “on.” but that changed quickly when they joined the rest of the band for the show.

  • INTERVIEW with Nelo (from left is Reid Umsattd and Matt Ragland)
  • SONG ONE – “Two Years Ago”
  • SONG TWO – “Ordinary Scene”