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House Show Video: Colourmusic playing “We Shall Wish (Use Your Adult Voice)” and “Tog”

August 30, 2010


NMF VIDEO UPDATE: Colourmusic playing at The Opolis

April 26, 2010

VIDEO UPDATE: Colourmusic playing “Tog” at Project Gallery

April 17, 2010

VIDEO UPDATE: Colourmusic playing “Siren Song” in Denton

April 15, 2010

  • “Pink” is the new “Orange”

This was from last month when Stillwater band Colourmusic played the nx35 music festival in Denton. Quite the departure from the tunes on  Colourmusic’s “Orange” album.

  • Go outside…

Because there’s no reason to be bored in Stillwater tonight. Colourmusic is playing at Project Gallery tonight at 10. It’s an all ages show and it’s $7 at the door.

“on.” episode 11 – Colourmusic

November 4, 2009
  • INTERVIEW with Colourmusic (From left is Colin Fleishacker, Ryan Hendrix and Nic Ley in the band’s downtown Stillwater studio)

David Bowie would be so proud of Stillwater’s Colourmusic.

After playing an altered version of  its “Winter Song” and covering The Beatles’  “Long, Long, Long” with fellow Stillwater-native band Other Lives, the men of Colourmusic sat down for an “on.” interview.

The band discussed how it’s changing almost everything about its sound.

Playing live has morphed the folk-rock sound from its debut “Orange” album into a sound that’s as experimental as a dozen episodes of “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

The band’s pink album is being wrapped up and the new songs are a scuzzy, fuzzy blessing.

Here’s a reminder of the band’s softer sound before it’s gone.

  • SONG ONE and TWO – “Wedding Song” and “Long, Long, Long” featuring Colourmusic and Other Lives