“on.” episode 10 – The Pretty Black Chains

  • INTERVIEW with The Pretty Black Chains (from left Kellen McGugan and Derek Knowlton)

They can be seen from blocks away.

The pomped monstrosities at OSU’s Homecoming are huge, but house decorations don’t have the same spirit as The Pretty Black Chains.

The Oklahoma City quartet played in front of the Beta house during Homecoming weekend before playing an acoustic song and giving “on.” an interview.

The show was a celebration of what makes rock fun — catchy guitar riffs, booming drums and lively stage antics — but OSU graduate and Chains frontman Kellen McGugan also got to celebrate a personal homecoming.

He arrived at OSU, played in front of his former fraternity house and returned to an influential town. McGugan said going to school around members of Other Lives, Mayola and Colourmusic made an impact on him.

“They helped shape my taste in music and help me start a band of my own,” McGugan said. “Once that came around, we opened for them.”

McGugan said he can still count on Stillwater bands for help. Luckily, the rest of Stillwater can count on the Chains for a good show.

  • SONG ONE – “Ambulance”
  • SONG TWO – “‘Punch Out’ Running Theme”

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2 Responses to ““on.” episode 10 – The Pretty Black Chains”

  1. The Pretty Black Chains revisit Punch Out « The Daily O'Collegian's Gamer Blog Says:

    […] not that long, but when The Pretty Black Chains stopped by our sister blog “on.” they gave a rendition of the running theme from Punch Out for the […]

  2. Brian Blackstock Says:

    One of my fav episodes

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